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This website was born a few years ago counting only with the care of some more web literated supporters. We are proud to say the SUPERBRAGA.COM is today a daily reference for all SCB supporters spread around the world.


Surfing through the website you will be able to find relevant information about the club. We remind you of how everything begun, all the presidents that the board has had and we record all the achievements that make Braga one of the biggest and most well recognized clubs in Portugal.

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In the green and beautiful region of Minho, lays Braga, 3rd biggest city in Portugal, and home to Sporting Clube de Braga, a foremost club in the history of Portuguese football.

Braga was one of the host cities of Euro04. Our magnificient stadium was home to a few games of the tournament and was inaugurated in December 03. Since then, it has been awarded many prizes both at a national and international level.

Our football team finished 4th place last few seasons, just behind the classic teams from Lisbon and Porto but not without a brave fight until the last round. As for the UEFA cup we have been trying unsuccessfully to get into the group stages but with no luck. Close clashes against Hearts (Scotland) and Red Star Belgrade (Serbia) were fatal to our desires. In the Portuguese cup we have been playing until the last rounds but we have failed to reach teh final. Last time we reched the final was in 1998.

Amongst our squad we have a lot of famous players. João Pinto, 35, is probably the most known of all Braga players. However, names like Hugo Leal (Benfica, PSG, FC Porto), Marcel (Flamengo, Suwon Bluewings, Benfica), Nem (Brazil) and Maciel (FC Porto) give us many expectations for this coming year. Less known players (for the time being) such as Andrés Madrid (ex-Argentina U21), Wender (Sporting Lisbon) or our own homegrown players (Castanheira, Paulo Jorge, Bruno Gama...) complete what Braga fan's think is one of the best Braga team of all times.

Braga's manager for the last few years was Jesualdo Ferreira, who now is in charge of FC Porto. This year we are under the leadership of a homegrown player that has become one of the most promising managers in Portuguese football. José Mourinho has rated him as a man to look for and that must say most about him.

Our current economic state is, unlike most clubs in Portugal, extremely good. Due to the sellings of players such as Tiago (Benfica, Chelsea, Lyon), Ricardo Rocha (Benfica), Quim (Benfica), Cícero, Jorge Luís and Luís Loureiro (Dinamo Moskow), João Alves and Wender (Sporting Lisbon, Wender is on a loan) or Nunes (Maiorca) have left our vaults quite comfortable. For that reason, all wages have been duly paid and players are quite happy in SC Braga.

However, despite being the most proeminent sport, football is just a small part of the club. SC Braga is highly renowned throughout Europe in athletics, swimming or female voleyball. Indoor football is the latest sport to be added to our list.

SCBraga has also a strong tradition in other modalities, such as athletics, having won many european titles.

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